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  • Mystery Boxes, grower's choice, Choose from $25, $50, $75 boxes
  • Nasturtium Flowers (orange, yellow, red, assortment, sweet with a peppery finish, great for salads, dinners, and don't forget beautiful in drinks from the bar), 50 for $5.00
  • Marigold Flowers (small yellow, orange, dark red flowers with a citrus flavor), 50 flowers for for $5.00
  • Dianthus flowers (also known as carnations or pinks, mixed colors of purple, pink, white, and dark red, use single petals as garnish, approximately 5-15 petals on each flower, petals impart no flavor to dish), 20 flowers for $3.50
  • Carnation flowers (like dianthus in use and fragrance, many more petals per flower, use petals, many lighter colors available in the mix than dianthus), 15 flowers for $7.50
  • Bachelor Button (mixed purple flowers, very mild flavor, use individual petals as garnish, many, many petals on each flower, petals impart no flavor to dish), 50 flowers for $5.00
  • Begonia Flowers (mixed pink, white, red, and salmon colors, sparkles in the right light, tart flavor, like Granny Smith Apple with no sugar), 50 flowers for $5.00
  • Calendula (mixed colors of orange and yellow, mild flavor, use individual petals as garnish, many petals on each flower), 13-15 flowers for $5.00
  • Pansies/Johnny Jump Ups (mixed colors with mostly johnny jump up types), 50 flowers for $5.00
  • Pea Shoots (holds up well in salads and short cooking times, mild pea flavor), $10.00/pound bulk packed in bag
  • Blanched Pea Shoots (golden leaves, white stems, mild pea flavor, grown in no light), $3.75/oz
  • Golden Popcorn Shoots (golden leaves are grass-like in looks, very sweet flavor, grown in no light), $3.75/oz
  • Sunflower Shoots (nutty flavor and good crunch, green leaves, great on salads), $1.50/oz
  • Mirepoix Mix (Carrot, chive, and celery micros mixed together$6.75/oz
  • Fines Herbes Mix (Chervil, Chives, Mexican Mint Marigold (for tarragon flavor), Parsley), $6.75/oz
  • Trinity Mix (Pepper, Celery, Chives), $7.75/oz
  • Chimichurri Mix (Parsley, Cilantro, Chives, Garlic Chives, Red Ruffles Mustard - delicious!), $6.75/oz
  • Citrus Mix (marigold, mexican mint marigold, kogane cabbage, mizuna, green sorrel, red vein sorrel, lemon basil, calendula petals make a lovely citrus flavor for any dish - nasturtium petals add a citrus color to the mix), $6.75/oz
  • Chervil (ferny green leaves, mild anise flavor is lovely, this product weighs in very lightly, so a little goes a long way), $6.75/oz
  • Celery (bold celery flavor, small green celery leaves, this product weighs in very lightly, so a little goes a long way), $3.75 per 1/4 ounce
  • Carrot (mild carrot flavor, ferny green leaves), $6.75/oz
  • Parsley (bold parsley flavor in a little package), $6.75/oz
  • Bronze Fennel (dark bronzy green leaves, very delicate/ferny looking, sweet anise flavor), $6.75/oz
  • Green Fennel (bright green leaves, very delicate/ferny looking, sweet anise flavor), $6.75/oz
  • Chives (threadlike green leaves with black seed coat still clinging, chive flavor, weighs very little so 0.25oz goes a long way), $6.75/oz +-
  • Saltwort (earthy salty flavor, thick green leaves and light pink stems, known as oka hijiki or land seaweed when grown to full size), $6.75/oz
  • Red Shiso (mild cumin/mint flavor, red/green leaves, red stems), $6.75/oz
  • Britton Shiso (leaves green upper and bright red under, mild anise flavor), $6.75/oz
  • Green Sorrel/Lemon Sorrel (green leaves with lemon flavor), $6.75/oz
  • Red Vein Sorrel (green leaves with red veins, lemon flavor), $8.75/oz
  • Basil Mix (Italian and purple basil mixed half and half), $6.75/oz
  • Purple Basil (mild sweet Italian basil flavor, lovely deep purple color), $6.75/oz
  • Sweet Italian Basil, $6.75/oz
  • Thai Or Licorice Basil, $6.75/oz
  • Lemon Basil (mild lemon basil flavor, green leaves), $6.75/oz
  • Lime Basil (mild lemon basil flavor, green leaves), $6.75/oz
  • Cinnamon Basil (cinnamon flavored basil, green leaves), $6.75/oz
  • Marigold (ferny green leaves, citrus flavor), $3.75 per 1/4 ounce
  • Mexican Mint Marigold (amazing tarragon-like flavor, small ferny green leaves), $8.75/oz
  • Red Amaranth (vivid red leaves with dark pink undersides, delicate looking, mild earthy flavor), $3.75/oz
  • Swiss Chard Mix (red, light pink, dark pink, and yellow stems on 

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    Ginger Yields Better with High Beneficial Soil Microbe Populations Use products like Actinovate, Contans, and Trichoderma to build these populations in a soil that is not robust in beneficial micro or

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