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Shungiku. Lovely serrated leaves fleshy and smaller, mild fruity/bitter flavor, in the Chrysanthemum familyMizuna. White stem, green leaf, mild flavorDianthus. Also known as carnations or pinks, mixed colors of purple, pink, white, and dark red, use single petals as garnish, approximately 5-15 petals on each flower, petals impart no flavor to dishTrinity Mix. A delicious mix of Pepper Microgreens, Oniony Chives, and Celery MicrogreensNasturtium FlowerRed Shiso. Mild cumin/mint flavor, red/green leaves, red stemsCitrus Mix. A flavor of Kogane Cabbage, Komatsuna, Lemon or Lime Basil, Shungiku, Red Vein Sorrel, Green Sorrel, and flower petals, usually Calendula or Bachelor ButtonNasturtium FlowerA beautiful assortment of flowers of tasting spoonsThe Four Mustards. (Left to Right) Garnet Giant, Wasabi, Ruby Streaks (Red Ruffles), and Southern Giant Nasturtium FlowersBeautiful mixed flat of microgreensToscano Kale Microgreen. A scrumptious pop of kale flavor. Dark green leaves; also known as Dinosaur or Lacinato KaleSwiss Chard Microgreen Mix. A sweet and salty extravaganza of mild beet flavorSunflower Shoot. A sweet and crunchy delicacy to add to any dessert Spicy MixA delicious Saltwort sunset with a Calendula Corona. Saltwort Microgreens add an irresistible pop of salty sweetness to your favorite soups and other divine dishes. Calendula adds color and a smooth citrusy taste  Red Vein Sorrel Microgreen. An added mild citrus flavor that adds a pop of color to your mealsRed Russian Kale Microgreen. A mild kale flavorRuby Streaks (Red Ruffles) Mustard Microgreen. A delicious spicy mustard flavorRed Radish Microgreen. A mild radish flavor. Purple stems with purple leavesRed Pac Microgreen. A mild cabbage flavorRed Cabbage Microgreen. A mild cabbage flavorRed Amaranth Microgreen. A mild sweet and salty flavorRed Amaranth MicrogreenPurple Kohlrabi Microgeen. A mild taste of cabbageGreen Pepper Microgreen. A sweet, bitter taste of Green Bell Pepper Pea Tendrils. A perfect pea flavor to decorate your plates Pea Tendril. A perfect pea flavorPea Shoots. A crunchy pop of pea flavorParsley Microgreen. Verdant herbaceous flavorPansiesPansies Nasturtium LeavesNasturtium LeafNasturtium LeafNasturtium FlowerMizuna Microgreen. Very mild mustard flavor Marigold Microgreen. A bright, citrusy flavor Gem Series Marigold FlowerKomatsuna Microgreen. A midl cabbage flavorHong Vit Radish Microgreen. A spicy radish flavor. Purple stems with green leavesGreen Sorrel Microgreen. A citrusy extravaganza of flavorGreen Fennel Microgreen. A pop of licorice to add to your dishGreen Fennel Microgreen. A pop of licorice flavorA gorgeous assortment of edible flowersAn artsy arrangement of delectable flowersEdible Mixed FlowersEdible Mixed FlowersNasturtium FlowersGreen Fennel (Left) and Bronze Fennel (Right). Pops of licorice flavors Cinnamon Basil Micorgreen. A mild cinnamon taste Chives or Leeks. An oniony pop of flavorChives or Leeks. An oniony pop of flavor Chervil. Mild, anise flavorChervil. Mild, anise flavorCelery Microgreen. Great pop of Celery flavorCarrot Microgreen. Sweet, mild Carrot flavor Calendula FlowerBulls Blood Beet. Mild beet flavorBronze Fennel. A sweet pop of licoriceBritton Shiso. A minty anise flavorEdible Angel Wing Begonia Leaves. A Granny Smith apple flavor without the sweetEdible Angel Wing Begonia LeavesBachelor Button Flower. Mixed purple flowers, very mild flavor, use individual petals as garnish, many petals on each flower, petals impart no flavor to dish. There are a variety of colors such as blue, pink, white, light purple, and dark purpleBegonia Flowers. Take your favorite Green Apple and make it into a flowerBachelor Button FlowerA fancy, delicate layout of flowersSpicy Mix. A colorful pop of a mild spicy flavor to add to your favorite dishAn assortment of edible flowersGreen Fennel. A mild pop of licorice flavorGinger left was hilled too much too early.Army worms on ginger foliage.Army worm damage that occurred while leaf was still rolled up. Healthy ginger foliage.Yellow wooly bear caterpillar eating ginger foliage.cut worm damage on emerging ginger shoot.Yellow wooly bear caterpillar. East ginger foliage. Moth is white.Yellow Baby GingerYellow  Baby GingerBridging from low humidity around canopy and underfedbridging from low humidity around canopy and underfedPresprouted seed pieces with swelled buds - this is the goal when presprouting, to get these growing points going.  You may get shoots, too but this is good... getting all the pieces to swell buds like thisNote the swelled buds after two weeks of presprouting at 70FNote the 'bubbly' looking section - nematode damageNote the circling, thickened root - root knot nematode damageHarvested ginger at about 4-5 months old.  All the baby ginger grew from the seed piece to the right and below my hand.This ginger needs to be covered or hilled again.  The green color on the rhizome denotes sun exposure.  Although fine to eat, it should be covered as soon as possible if not harvesting.  Too much sun on the rhizomes can cause scorching and shriveling of the growing tips.Sliced 'with' rhizome growth using a mandolin.  Note bright pink tipsSliced ginger using mandolin. Sliced 'with' or parallel to rhizome growthSliced ginger using mandolin. Sliced 'with' or parallel to rhizome growthA quart jar of pickled ginger.  Slicing against the growth so that thin 'coins' of ginger are made will ensure that pickled ginger is tenderA quart jar of pickled ginger.  Slicing against the growth so that thin 'coins' of ginger are made will ensure that pickled ginger is tenderBaby ginger, ready to be eaten, pickled, candied, frozenGinger Jungle shows ginger being grown in 15 gallon containersWashington Post Article - Paper Version

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