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Spicy Mix. A colorful pop of a mild spicy flavor to add to your favorite dishBritton Shiso. A minty anise flavorBulls Blood Beet. Mild beet flavorCarrot Microgreen. Sweet, mild Carrot flavor Nasturtium FlowerPurple Kohlrabi Microgeen. A mild taste of cabbageSunflower Shoot. A sweet and crunchy delicacy to add to any dessert The Four Mustards. (Left to Right) Garnet Giant, Wasabi, Ruby Streaks (Red Ruffles), and Southern Giant Citrus Mix. A flavor of Kogane Cabbage, Komatsuna, Lemon or Lime Basil, Shungiku, Red Vein Sorrel, Green Sorrel, and flower petals, usually Calendula or Bachelor ButtonTrinity Mix. A delicious mix of Pepper Microgreens, Oniony Chives, and Celery Microgreens

New Slideshow: MicrogreensJanuary 22nd, 2020

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Info About OrderingJanuary 8th, 2013

Ordering is open for the 2013 season. Sign up for the newsletter (blue envelope to the right on any page of the website) to receive cultural updates through the season, recipes in the fall and an aler

Beneficial MicrobesDecember 20th, 2012

Ginger Yields Better with High Beneficial Soil Microbe Populations Use products like Actinovate, Contans, and Trichoderma to build these populations in a soil that is not robust in beneficial micro or

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